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  Eatec Engineering Consultants
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Achieving Excellence in Engineering

Eatec is an independent UK company which specialises in the provision of analysis, assessment and testing services to clients who are engaged in the development of new products, enhancement of existing products, resolution of engineering problems, or undertaking research.

Eatec's clients range from large multi-national organisations to small local companies, operating in industries which include oil & gas, marine, process, defence, transport, power, aerospace and industrial.

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Noise & Vibration

Eatec specialises in noise, vibration, shock and impact testing, and assisting companies to achieve designs which comply with specifications. Eatec has over 20 years of testing experience.

  • Noise & Vibration Measurement
  • Shock & Impact Testing
  • Noise & Vibration Monitoring and Assessment on Construction Sites
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    Bespoke Engineering & Scientific Software

    When standard engineering simulation software is not suitable, Eatec develops bespoke simulation & visualisation software and tools. Building on over 30 years of simulation experience, Eatec provides high quality bespoke software in an efficient manner.

  • Simulation Software
  • Database Applications
  • Matlab & Simulink
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    Finite Element Analysis

    Eatec specialises in finite element analysis (FEA), covering stress, fatigue, thermal, vibration, shock and impact analyses. As a result of its expertise gained over 30 years, Eatec provides a high quality efficient approach to Finite Element Analysis.

  • Stress Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • More...